About Me

I am an abstract painter born and raised in coastal Southern California, currently living in downtown Portland, Oregon. Childhood summers spent at the beach or camping in the mountains gave me a deep love for the ocean blues and forest greens often prevalent in my work. To this day I still love the grounding and calming influence these colors bring into my life.

I often start a painting with a vision in mind of where I want the work to end up, but more often than not, it takes another direction than initially intended. Part of my process is about how to resolve this shift and find the path the work wants me to take. This is part of the excitement of abstract painting for me - not always knowing what the outcome will be.

Painting for me, then, is a metaphor for how to live life: try not to resist the natural ebb and flow. Stay open to both the challenges and opportunities that life places in front of me, and know that there is always another way, solution, or path, as long as I am open to it. Painting is always a reminder of this for me.